Well, on day 5 I wasn’t, but on day 6, which was Valentines Day for those of you who don’t observe such things, I was!

On Day 5, I was in Reading with my friend Bella, sitting in a funky bistro place, painting this little masterpiece…

I can’t remember what the bar was called, but there were canvases and paints everywhere and you could just paint or draw to your heart’s content.  And for the price of a donation to charity you could take your painting away, or you could leave it there for the viewing pleasure of all the other patrons.  I imagine there are some interesting paintings done in the evening when people are getting blitzed on alcohol…

Sugar cravings hit quite hard every now and then, but I just ignored them like a brave little soldier.  There were all sorts of triggers that day – being on a train (but said train was caught from the back end of nowhere, so there was more tumbleweed blowing through than there were sweets on offer), being out for lunch with a friend who normally is a reliable accomplice in the coffee and cake ritual and has been since Uni, and it being a Sunday which, as we’ve noted before, is a day when calories apparently don’t exist. 

Quite an interesting phenomenon I think; the weekend reprieve.  I know so many people who eat well in the week and then at the weekend eat all the things they’ve been careful to avoid in the week.  Which is somewhat ok if just taken from an “everything in moderation” perspective, as long as you don’t go too mad and it is actually moderate, but from a weight loss standpoint it tends to undo everything.  Because if you’re trying to create a 3500 calorie deficit each week (which is the fundamental thing which will lead to a 1lb weight loss), then it’s likely that the calories that you saved in the week will go back on again at the weekend.  Especially if you add into the equation that little voice in your brain that says “you’ve been good all week, and you’ve been to the gym, so go on, have it.  And while you’re at it, have the other thing as well.”  Because that voice pipes up several times during the weekend.  And every time it says the same thing, so potentially you end up eating more junk than you would have done in the week.  Hmm. 

Anyway, I ignored my little sugar voice.  And I ignored it all Monday until the evening, when I had planned – yes I had, I had planned – to have a one meal break as we were going out to the local organic veggie cafe for a Valentines Day meal.  Which was beautiful, I must say.  In my last blog, you will remember that I went a lot to the Orchard Cafe in Worcester.  In this blog, you will probably notice that I am a regular at the Manic Organic Cafe in Kings Heath.  The veggie burgers there rock.  And it’s all organic and local, so on every front it’s pretty cool. 

The sugar monster was there all day Monday (trigger – celebrating!), but a lid was kept on it in lieu of the evening when our engagement was commemorated with a piece of lemon cheesecake (for me;  ginger cake for Emma who doesn’t like cheesecake.  How can this be?  How can anyone not like cheesecake?? I am astounded, still, by this information).  And do you know what?   It was *whispers* too sweet !  *gasps!*

So it’s happening; my palate is changing.  The cravings are still there, but you know, one step at a time and all that.  This is obviously the momentous news of the day; the fact that my palate is changing.  Not the whole engagement thing.  Obviously.  Oh, no – hang on.  I’ve got that the wrong way round again…


Comments on: "Days 5 and 6 – sorry, I was busy getting engaged…" (1)

  1. ems1980 said:

    It was a beautiful day all round xxx

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