If you remember nothing else about this blog, remember that it’s the thought that counts.  What a phenomenal book.  Ok, so I haven’t quite finished it yet, but it makes my head spin with all the possibilities it throws up.

The basic tenet of the book is that you can change your life, your body and the world with your thoughts.  You can switch different genes on and off in yourself, you can heal yourself of pain or illness.  You can affect other people with your intentions and they can affect you.  Collective thought can bring the crime rate down.

I won’t try to explain it (because we’d be here all week if I did), but the point is that it gives a lot of backing to something I’ve talked about before – the law of attraction.  Whatever you give life to in your mind, you give life to in reality – it’s like your thoughts are instructions to every part of the universe.

So…if you want to be happy, think that you are.  Or successful, or…well, anything.  Believe that you are.  There is nothing that’s out of bounds.  It depends on how much belief you have in this being true – the more faith you have in it, the more it works for you.  The quote of the book (so far) is to the cynics who say that they’ll believe it when they see it.  Wayne Dyer says it’s the other way round. He’s written a book called “You’ll see it when you believe it”.

It’s about using visualisation, belief, affirmations – any kind of thought process.  One of the most interesting things is our ability to clear ourselves of illness – there’s a really cool story about a guy who uses the power of visualisation to heal a diseased liver, by imagining himself cleaning it one cell at a time with a toothbrush and seeing in his mind’s eye his liver getting cleaner and healthier every day.  Apparently, this guy completely reversed his illness and was back to full health despite being given a very poor outlook by the doctors.

This may all sound like bumph (bumf?) to you, but it’s backed up in the book by loads of scientific evidence.  Particularly around the placebo effect.  Belief in medicine makes people better just as well as medicine itself.  And isn’t that an exciting thing?

And with a great deal of faith, we can have almost immediate results with anything we choose to focus on.

And what’s weird is, that I have been experiencing this first hand myself.  Over the years, I’ve used the law of attraction to my advantage in all sorts of ways – I found my house with it, for instance: exactly the right location, exactly the right size and exactly – to the pound – the right price – but it seems to be speeding it the more I use it these days.  Sometimes I’ll look at something and think “I’d like that” and no sooner have I thought it than it comes to me in a happenstance kind of a way.  The most unlikely things too, things that are just too damn freaky to be down to chance.

The best thing about it is it leaves you fully equipped to create yourself the life and the person you want to be.  All you need is a willingness to put your mental and emotional energy into whatever it is you want to create, and a little faith.  Don’t just believe in yourself – believe in the universe and the power of its energy to form whatever you want from life.

I believe Noel Edmonds used this monumental power to get himself back on t.v with Deal or No Deal.  But we mustn’t hold that against it.  The power can be used for good and bad.  But if it can do that – then anything is possible!

Was this picture strictly necessary?  No, but I have to try and make you laugh somehow and what better than Noel’s hair to do that?  Made me laugh anyway.  But that was probably just the inflicting of a picture of Noel Edmonds on you poor unsuspecting people.

You’re welcome.


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