Emma and I had a cultural experience on Wednesday – oh yes, we did – we went to the MAC to see The Insatiable Moon.  It’s an independent film and it was riveting.  Emma says it’s about the treatment of those with mental health issues within the community.  I think it’s about whether Arthur is the second son of god.  Emma reckons of course he isn’t, he has a mental illness.  I reckon he might be.

It’s interesting how you see what you are predisposed to see.  Emma works in the health profession and has a great deal of compassion for people being treated well and that’s what she took from the film.  I am interested in the idea that you are or will become what you believe you are and Arthur believed, completely and without question, that he was the second son of god and lived in a way that was congruent with that.  He made little miracles happen, in my opinion because he was expecting them to happen and he believed in his ability to create them.  He came unstuck when one miracle he was trying to create didn’t come together – but it was a big ask and he hadn’t given it much mental energy.  Big miracles require a lot of focus.  Little ones less so.

The best thing about this film was that it reminded me to be happy  – Arthur was a really happy dude, here’s a picture of him…

see, what a happy chap – and that miracles do happen.  Even if you can’t see the route to need to take to get where you want to go, just believe in it, work on it and things will shift to get you there.  That’s part of the reason I have 37 hours of PT in my diary next week.  I have been using an affirmation about having a full diary on and off for a couple of years now.  And that, coupled with some hard work at the gym, has brought it to pass.  When I started, I didn’t know how I was going to get my diary full – I couldn’t see a clear path, so I just did whatever I could think of.  Whenever I got scared I just repeated my affirmation in my head.  And little miracles happened.  People came to me.  Not usually the people I’d been speaking to in the gym either – other people!

To some extent, the Oomph challenge was a little experiment – I wanted to see how many of the people I connected with would come back to me wanting PT.  I didn’t talk to any of the people I met about PT and I wasn’t trying to sell anything to any of them – I just talked to them and tried to make them smile while they worked out.  The resulting number of people out of those I met coming back for PT was….0!  But the following month, 11 other people wanted me to be their PT.  Interesting, no?  The conclusion I draw from this is that by putting the energy in with no expectations but a general desire for a specific outcome – in my case, growing my diary – the universe gives you what you’re looking for, but does it in way that benefits everyone – in this case, by selecting the right people for me to work with and sending them down the gym.

Actually, it’s better if you don’t have a preconceived route you want to take to achieve what you want, because our knowledge is really limited.  We will quite often pick a path which would give us messed up results.  The people I chose to speak to may not have been people that I was best able to help.  The universe knows a great deal more and can find the way that really will work best for everyone.

For instance, people who want to improve their diet will maybe pick a method like Atkins, or cutting calories to a really low number, but a better method might be to develop an affirmation like “I have a healthy, wholesome diet, which nourishes me from the inside out” and let the universe will help you find the right way.  You’ll start finding you come across articles or people who can teach you, and you’ll find that your food desires change.  I’ve just started using this one; my cravings have gone and my choices are better.  But all I’ve changed is my mental talk – instead of thinking “I’ve got to stop eating junk”, I’m using the affirmation above.  Because we all know, deep down, what we need to do – less sugar, unrefined carbs, lean protein, lots of veg.  We know this stuff and often ignore it because we’d rather have a quick fix, which is where Atkins comes in.  Atkins is evil by the way.  Leave it well alone.  Dr Atkins does not, in my estimation at least, have your best interests at heart with his horrible calcium leaching, halitosis forming eating plan.

So yeah.  Miracles do happen so have faith and be confident in achieving your desires, whatever they may be.  Use your mind to help you.

By the way, the MAC is a wicked place to see a film.  The people in the audience were so respectful of each other – I’ve never heard anyone open a bottle so quietly in my life as the woman behind me, or felt such stillness and focus in a body of people before – unlike in the Odeon, for example, where popcorn wars and a backdrop of rustling and giggling is a generally expected part of the experience.  So if you don’t want popcorn hitting you in the back of the head when you watch your films, check the MAC out.


Comments on: "Miracles do happen – Arthur said so" (2)

  1. teagirl56 said:

    Nice blog Tracey, so the lesson is to have faith in anything you want and it will happen if you believe it enough.
    Thanks I need to build this in to my daily thinking when I’m chomping on stuff out of the machine at work Yorkie bars and crisps
    See you next week

  2. I have a friend who believes in being abundant – which is a form of enthusiasm mixed with generosity of spirit. If you are, then abundance will come to you. Suprisingly he is really successful and has a good time too.

    Of course I am too mean spirited to try!

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