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Generosity and Exuberance

I got a parcel this week.  This was what was inside it.

It was sent to me by a life coach, Nicola, whom I worked with about a year ago but whom I haven’t spoken to since.  This book appeared out of the blue, for no other reason than that Nicola read it and thought I would like it – how nice is that?

It’s a wicked book – really simple, but powerful.  It contains two A to Zs – one which picks out characteristics that help you have a happy life, like Adventure, Balance, Compassion, and one that picks out qualities and emotions that need to be overcome, like Anger, Boredom and Criticism.  And then it gives you a little kick to do what you need to do to dial up the good ones and dial down the bad ones.

This is my favourite one so far (that’s our carpet in the background by the way).

 It says, in case you can’t read it, this:

“For enthusiasts, life is an adventure, a playground, a theatre, a movie set, a laboratory, a love story, a test track, a roller coaster, a dance, a gift, a blessing, a blast, a thrill.

Let your enthusiasm lift you higher.  Wherever it takes you, it will be the right place.

To get all you can from life, put all you can into it.”

What I love about this is the reminder that life is meant to be fun.  It’s meant to be joyful!

This is a good thing to keep in mind, especially when you’ve got to do something that scares or intimidates you.  It was extraordinarily timely as this week was something of a daunting prospect for me, what with the 39 sessions and all.  It’s brilliant and let me just point out that I am mega happy about having a busy diary, because that is what I’ve always wanted and I love it.  That said, I was a bit concerned about my ability to complete the task set before me.  39 hours of PT is not like 39 hours in my old job, as it’s more or less 100% focus for every single one of those hours.  In my old job, I could wander off, make a cup of tea, chat to a friend in the office, all that sort of stuff.  Unless I was in a board meeting.  Wandering off to make a cup of tea was not then an advisable course of action.

Tuesday was my toughest day – 10 hours of PT spread over 13 hours and on Monday afternoon I was scared.  But then I remembered the Enthusiasm page, and decided to take that idea with me into my Tuesday.  I made my day into an adventure, and decided to be excited and playful with it.  I decided to be the woman with the bouncy springs on her feet, rather than any of the ones dragging their feet on the ground with their eyes on the floor.  And it was a great day!  Although I did look like this at the end.

 But you can’t get more exuberant than that.  Enthusiasm is the heart of exuberance.  It makes life much more fun for a start so it’s worth remembering, especially the next time you’re approaching a challenge.  Play with it, be excited not daunted and don’t get dragged down into fear or worry.  Odds are that you can handle it beautifully, whatever it is.

And many thanks to Nicola for the reminder, and for being so thoughtful as to think of me so many months on.  Here’s a link to her page in case you want to see what she’s all about!


Miracles do happen – Arthur said so

Emma and I had a cultural experience on Wednesday – oh yes, we did – we went to the MAC to see The Insatiable Moon.  It’s an independent film and it was riveting.  Emma says it’s about the treatment of those with mental health issues within the community.  I think it’s about whether Arthur is the second son of god.  Emma reckons of course he isn’t, he has a mental illness.  I reckon he might be.

It’s interesting how you see what you are predisposed to see.  Emma works in the health profession and has a great deal of compassion for people being treated well and that’s what she took from the film.  I am interested in the idea that you are or will become what you believe you are and Arthur believed, completely and without question, that he was the second son of god and lived in a way that was congruent with that.  He made little miracles happen, in my opinion because he was expecting them to happen and he believed in his ability to create them.  He came unstuck when one miracle he was trying to create didn’t come together – but it was a big ask and he hadn’t given it much mental energy.  Big miracles require a lot of focus.  Little ones less so.

The best thing about this film was that it reminded me to be happy  – Arthur was a really happy dude, here’s a picture of him…

see, what a happy chap – and that miracles do happen.  Even if you can’t see the route to need to take to get where you want to go, just believe in it, work on it and things will shift to get you there.  That’s part of the reason I have 37 hours of PT in my diary next week.  I have been using an affirmation about having a full diary on and off for a couple of years now.  And that, coupled with some hard work at the gym, has brought it to pass.  When I started, I didn’t know how I was going to get my diary full – I couldn’t see a clear path, so I just did whatever I could think of.  Whenever I got scared I just repeated my affirmation in my head.  And little miracles happened.  People came to me.  Not usually the people I’d been speaking to in the gym either – other people!

To some extent, the Oomph challenge was a little experiment – I wanted to see how many of the people I connected with would come back to me wanting PT.  I didn’t talk to any of the people I met about PT and I wasn’t trying to sell anything to any of them – I just talked to them and tried to make them smile while they worked out.  The resulting number of people out of those I met coming back for PT was….0!  But the following month, 11 other people wanted me to be their PT.  Interesting, no?  The conclusion I draw from this is that by putting the energy in with no expectations but a general desire for a specific outcome – in my case, growing my diary – the universe gives you what you’re looking for, but does it in way that benefits everyone – in this case, by selecting the right people for me to work with and sending them down the gym.

Actually, it’s better if you don’t have a preconceived route you want to take to achieve what you want, because our knowledge is really limited.  We will quite often pick a path which would give us messed up results.  The people I chose to speak to may not have been people that I was best able to help.  The universe knows a great deal more and can find the way that really will work best for everyone.

For instance, people who want to improve their diet will maybe pick a method like Atkins, or cutting calories to a really low number, but a better method might be to develop an affirmation like “I have a healthy, wholesome diet, which nourishes me from the inside out” and let the universe will help you find the right way.  You’ll start finding you come across articles or people who can teach you, and you’ll find that your food desires change.  I’ve just started using this one; my cravings have gone and my choices are better.  But all I’ve changed is my mental talk – instead of thinking “I’ve got to stop eating junk”, I’m using the affirmation above.  Because we all know, deep down, what we need to do – less sugar, unrefined carbs, lean protein, lots of veg.  We know this stuff and often ignore it because we’d rather have a quick fix, which is where Atkins comes in.  Atkins is evil by the way.  Leave it well alone.  Dr Atkins does not, in my estimation at least, have your best interests at heart with his horrible calcium leaching, halitosis forming eating plan.

So yeah.  Miracles do happen so have faith and be confident in achieving your desires, whatever they may be.  Use your mind to help you.

By the way, the MAC is a wicked place to see a film.  The people in the audience were so respectful of each other – I’ve never heard anyone open a bottle so quietly in my life as the woman behind me, or felt such stillness and focus in a body of people before – unlike in the Odeon, for example, where popcorn wars and a backdrop of rustling and giggling is a generally expected part of the experience.  So if you don’t want popcorn hitting you in the back of the head when you watch your films, check the MAC out.

It’s the thought that counts.

If you remember nothing else about this blog, remember that it’s the thought that counts.  What a phenomenal book.  Ok, so I haven’t quite finished it yet, but it makes my head spin with all the possibilities it throws up.

The basic tenet of the book is that you can change your life, your body and the world with your thoughts.  You can switch different genes on and off in yourself, you can heal yourself of pain or illness.  You can affect other people with your intentions and they can affect you.  Collective thought can bring the crime rate down.

I won’t try to explain it (because we’d be here all week if I did), but the point is that it gives a lot of backing to something I’ve talked about before – the law of attraction.  Whatever you give life to in your mind, you give life to in reality – it’s like your thoughts are instructions to every part of the universe.

So…if you want to be happy, think that you are.  Or successful, or…well, anything.  Believe that you are.  There is nothing that’s out of bounds.  It depends on how much belief you have in this being true – the more faith you have in it, the more it works for you.  The quote of the book (so far) is to the cynics who say that they’ll believe it when they see it.  Wayne Dyer says it’s the other way round. He’s written a book called “You’ll see it when you believe it”.

It’s about using visualisation, belief, affirmations – any kind of thought process.  One of the most interesting things is our ability to clear ourselves of illness – there’s a really cool story about a guy who uses the power of visualisation to heal a diseased liver, by imagining himself cleaning it one cell at a time with a toothbrush and seeing in his mind’s eye his liver getting cleaner and healthier every day.  Apparently, this guy completely reversed his illness and was back to full health despite being given a very poor outlook by the doctors.

This may all sound like bumph (bumf?) to you, but it’s backed up in the book by loads of scientific evidence.  Particularly around the placebo effect.  Belief in medicine makes people better just as well as medicine itself.  And isn’t that an exciting thing?

And with a great deal of faith, we can have almost immediate results with anything we choose to focus on.

And what’s weird is, that I have been experiencing this first hand myself.  Over the years, I’ve used the law of attraction to my advantage in all sorts of ways – I found my house with it, for instance: exactly the right location, exactly the right size and exactly – to the pound – the right price – but it seems to be speeding it the more I use it these days.  Sometimes I’ll look at something and think “I’d like that” and no sooner have I thought it than it comes to me in a happenstance kind of a way.  The most unlikely things too, things that are just too damn freaky to be down to chance.

The best thing about it is it leaves you fully equipped to create yourself the life and the person you want to be.  All you need is a willingness to put your mental and emotional energy into whatever it is you want to create, and a little faith.  Don’t just believe in yourself – believe in the universe and the power of its energy to form whatever you want from life.

I believe Noel Edmonds used this monumental power to get himself back on t.v with Deal or No Deal.  But we mustn’t hold that against it.  The power can be used for good and bad.  But if it can do that – then anything is possible!

Was this picture strictly necessary?  No, but I have to try and make you laugh somehow and what better than Noel’s hair to do that?  Made me laugh anyway.  But that was probably just the inflicting of a picture of Noel Edmonds on you poor unsuspecting people.

You’re welcome.


The 21st of March!  Wow.  That’s a long time to go without writing a blog post.  I hope you are all well?

Over the past 6 weeks, a lot has been happening.  It has been a time of growth, of learning, of extremely busy diaries…but not of temples.  I think we can say that the “body is a temple” challenge bit the dust a while back.  I guess the incentive is not strong enough – whilst I fully believe in eating well, I know there is room for chocolate in my diet.  There just is.  I feel it is time to simply accept that as even Frank Forencich eats cake – I know, I saw him!  There’s no room for McDonalds, mind, and there never will be – but mini eggs may feature.

On balance, I do believe in the 80/20 rule – if you eat good, wholesome food 80% of the time, you can afford to be somewhat less disciplined the other 20%.  Food is part of the enjoyment of life, it’s a sensual pleasure as well as a survival necessity – we’ve just got to be careful not to get addicted to any of it, particularly sugar.  And that said, the 80/20 rule does feature in as an integral part of several well respected weight loss plans – the 20% is often known as a cheat day, where you allow yourself a less disciplined day of eating as a method of shocking your metabolism into a faster pace and to offset the psychological strain of holding yourself strictly to an eating plan.  Of course, this cheat day should not be seen as a chance to binge…!

So back to the exuberance challenges and this time it’s a biggie.  During April I went to the Fit Pro Spring Convention, which is a 3-day learning-fest for fitness professionals.  It’s the third year I’ve been and I work my passage at the Convention, i.e. I don a blue “Event Staff” t-shirt and for half of each day I check the paying delegates into their lectures, support the lecturers, direct people to their venues etc, in return for attending the other half of the day as a delegate myself.  So from April 9-11, 8ish till 6:30ish each day, I was listening to the wisdom of the icons in our industry, the likes of Annette Lang, Bobby Cappuccio and Scott Hopson.  I learnt a lot, as I always do.  This year though was slightly different, in that I was stationed on the lecture rooms rather than the netball and badminton centre like I have been the previous two years.  Which means that instead of lugging Bosus (Bosi? ;0>) around, blowing up swiss balls and packing and unpacking hundreds of mini dumbbells (hours of fun), I was rubbing shoulders with lecturers I’ve admired since I was a rookie PT.  Strengthening my resolve to be like them one day.  To be an author, international speaker and role model for other rookies in our industry as well as a phenomenal coach/trainer for those that I coach and train.  The Fit Pro Spring Convention is where dreams are born.

So my new challenge is to get to work on that.  Stage one: to read one professional/personal development book a week, and to begin writing my own book.  How exciting!!  The book of this week is “It’s the thought that counts” by David Hamilton, a recommendation from my best friend and, I can already say with conviction, a fascinating read.  I will report back in due course…

Till then, sleep well!

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