What’s this “exuberance” all about?

Well, it’s all about an attempt to be exuberant, to live life in an exuberant way.  And what that means to me is to fully engage with life, to make the most of what I’ve got, exploit my own potential, to live my life to the full and to play my part in the tribe.  It means respecting what nature has given to me – a body, a brain, a spirit and a community – and giving all those things their full expression and treating them right.

But if that all sounds a bit poncey, it’s just about being happy, healthy, loving and balanced.  End.

The plan is to complete a mini challenge each week which will move me closer to the exuberant way of life, sustaining the new habits I develop wherever possible and then writing about my experiences on here.  So, for instance, a few ideas I have in mind already are giving up sugar, getting to bed on time, meditating for a period of time every day – you get the gist.  Suggestions for mini challenges are welcome!

The whole concept of “exuberance” comes from a guy called Frank Forencich who wrote “Exuberant Animal”.  This is his theory.

“The modern world places extraordinary demands on both individuals and organizations: complexity, crushing workloads, sedentary living, chronic stress and fragmented attention reduce our performance, our health and our happiness. Unfortunately, attempts to manage this challenge have been fragmented; we address one problem at a time, but rarely do we provide systemic, whole-life solutions.

(The) Exuberant Animal…philosophy is animated by a set of overlapping themes:

Exuberant Animal foot stomp

Engagement, full-participation and high-performance. In martial art culture, this quality is known as zanshin.

Exuberant Animal foot

Robust physicality, functional movement training, embodied cognition, social games and play.

Exuberant Animal earth

A holistic perspective that includes, not only mind, body and spirit, but also essential elements of community and nature.

Exuberant Animal tree

A growth orientation; the belief that minds, bodies and behaviors can continue to progress through training and practice.

He’s an interesting guy, Frank.  And I like his ideas.  They make you want to live your life better – more naturally, more in keeping with the way we were designed.  And I’m not saying that I’m going to stick to a caveman diet (I like the odd Toblerone now and then; I don’t see that changing), or go romping around the woods instead of training in the gym, but I am going to make more of an effort to honour the brilliance of being a Homo sapien – body, mind, spirit and tribe – and doing what I need to do to be a great one.  And we’ll see where that takes us.


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